When people idolize "science" and vaccines they are putting something above the knowledge of God. When this happens they become blind and deaf to the real truth. Vaccination nation is when academia, government and the scientific community convince people to inject poision in the name of science. Our immune system is intelligently designed and vaccines defile the holy temple with corrupted DNA.

A pill for every ill and pharmaceutical drugs have contaminated the drinking water supply around the world. Doctrines of the Devil seduce, corrupt, and manipulate the minds of the masses. People have become prisoners held captive to curses of a misdiagnosis and many suffer death by medicine.


Recombinant DNA is combining the DNA from another species with human DNA. Bovine serum is cow blood and the brain eating parasites known as prions that come with it. In the measels mumps and rubella shot they use aborted fetal tissue from the Winstar Institute in Pennsylvania. That is what the WI 38 stands for. This is the female aborted fetus and there was such an incredible scandal that took place in the 1960's over who would own the right to the aborted fetal tissue. Would God really want us aborting babies? Does this defile our temples? The question is why is this same immortalized and continuous cell line around today? Because it is a cancer cell line.



Shringrix Vaccine is the shingles vaccine and contains genetically modified hampster ovary cells from China. People have believed somehow that this is safe and healthy for the body. This is the delusion and lie of "science". I made a YouTube video entitled 'Pharma alert - discussing the literature that is put out by the pharmaceutical industry'. The literature states that 99% of people already contain the virus yet they still try to convince you that you need two poison jabs. Say no to GMO.

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