Undeniable proof that “Chemtrails” are NOT a conspiracy theory

Chemtrail picture
These are chemtrails

Many people have thought that ‘Chemtrails’ were actually contrails – vapor trails left by the passing of an aircraft.

Well, here is undeniable proof that chemtrails are indeed real in a short 1m 32s video of an actual pilot that was paid $10 per gallon to spray chemicals into the atmosphere.

It was started in the 1950s and was done to reflect the sunlight due to the fact that the sun’s heat was increasing and our ‘bright spark’ scientists thought that our planet would get burnt to a crisp. Unfortunately, these educated buffoons didn’t take into account that the intelligence in the Universe (God) had imbued the Universe with a correcting mechanism – planets were moving away from the sun. This little known, but highly important fact has been kept hidden from us. Those well meaning people probably didn’t want to cause us to panic.

Sometime in the late 1970s and early 1980s this program was usurped by very evil-intentioned people in high places and ingredients began to be added to the chemicals/particles being sprayed that were designed to harm the planet and the people on it.

Note: The technical term for ‘chemtrails’ is Geo-Engineering and you can find voluminous amounts of data on patents, laws that have been passed, studies on geo-engineering and much more. This is the correct search term to use, NOT ‘chemtrails’.

Search term used – geo engineering. Results (229 million): From Google

Search term used – chemtrails. Results (9.75 million): From Google

Search term used – geo engineering patents. Results (1.49 million): From Google