Spiritual warfare casting out devils

There is a reason that the bible verse from Matthew chapter 17:21 is missing from many Holy Bibles that are written in the New living translation NIV and English Standard version ESV. “Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by fasting and prayer.” Matthew 17:21.

Our enemy the devil doesn’t want you to know that certain demons only go out through fasting and prayer. Generational curses can be passed down from our parents, grandparents, and their parents.

Dear brothers and sisters, part of our job description as folowers of the Lord Jesus is written in Matthew chapter 10:7-8. “As you go, preach saying the kingdom of heaven is at hand

Heal the sick,cleanse the lepers, raise the dead and cast out devils: freely you have received,freely give. CASTING OUT DEVILS REQUIRES US TO BE VIGILANT AND AND UNDERSTAND HOW DEMONIC SPIRITS OPERATE AND WAGE WAR AGAINST US!

Demon warfare and deliverance ministry pastor Derek prince has been setting Christian people free from generational curses and demonic strongholds known as demonic oppression.

It is important to understand that many born again Christians who love our Lord and savior   Jesus Christ can be be oppressed by demonic spirits like depression, anxiety,death, suicide, sexual immorality, sexual lust just to name a few. Fasting and prayer can set you free and break demonic strongholds over our lives. Give your life to king Jesus before it is too late and judgment is set.